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Origenes 1, Photographic series, 2022

Origenes 12, Photographic series, 2022

Origins is the approach of research that tries to understand the role of women in the Colombian and Latin American identity in today's society. This research starts from the root, which begins with the Colombian indigenous tribes that were colonized, causing the destruction of the ecosystem, mistreating and raping the inhabitants of this place. A history of wars, losses, and mixtures that lead to the present day. A society that, although pretending to be advanced, is still governed by the same role of colonizer and colonized, active/masculine and passive/feminine. This anthropological and historical research aims to understand the current dynamics in the face of imposed stereotypes from a visual perspective.

Origenes 19, Photographic series, 2022

*This project was made with the colaboration of Juan Camilo Urrego, Sara Soto, Nicolas Libreros, Maik Chingaté and Salim Helo.*